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普洱餅 Puerh Cake
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2012年有機老白茶 For Anti Oxidant Tea lovers<br>2012 Organic Aged White Tea  (100g)
2012年有機老白茶 For Anti Oxidant Tea lovers
2012 Organic Aged White Tea (100g)

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2019 黃印鐵餅
Chan 1st Yellow Label Raw Iron Yunnan Menghai 450g

2019 黃印鐵餅 Chan 1st Yellow Label Raw Puerh Iron Cake Yunnan Menghai [450 gram]
The Best Tea House Collections
Menghai is famous located at southwest of Yunnan mountain with Altitude 2429m
100% Premium Puerh From Hundred Years Old Jungle Tree
Taste: Deep and Rich, Wild Thick After Taste

1. Warm the teapot with hot water and empty it before you put in
1/3 to 1/4 volume of the tea leaves
2. Add boiling water 100C temperature until the teapot overflows.
3. Discard this water immediately as to clean and heat the tea leaves
before the 1st brew

Brewing Time:
First Brew 5 seconds
2nd Brew 5 seconds
3rd Brew 10 seconds
4th Brew 20 seconds
5th Brew 40 seconds
6th Brew 2 mintues

Teapot Size:
Between 100cc to 400cc

茶品简介: 余(注:陈国义先生,下同)在八十年代有幸品尝过此类好茶(注:指印级铁饼),近期著作了一本书《干载之遇》,亦有论述其妙处。作为好茶爱好者的我,在八十年代末期设有茶艺馆,于九十年初期曾设计茶艺课程传播茶文化,2004年进入云南深山考察老班章和其他山头的古树群,2007至2008年左右开始选料压制古树茶。 余对此类铁饼茶特别感兴趣,深知其后期转化多会优于其他普洱茶,故此凭自己积聚多年来品茗的经验,于整合手上余下的原料,2015年压制了一批“红印铁饼”, 2016年压制了“蓝印铁饼”。今年又结合了以上制作铁饼的心得,再接再厉,再创了一款“黄金比例.黄印铁饼”,以谢知音者。 余将极力保特个人健康,望二十至三十载之后能有幸与君一起同席品鉴,并见证此“黄金比例.黄印铁饼”其迷人的一刻, 好让我说-句:“前有启蒙者,后续有心人”。 茶品包装:400g/饼,7饼/提,28饼/件 备注:本品价格为一饼价格

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 December, 2020.
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Chan 1st Yellow Label Raw Iron Yunnan Menghai 450g
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