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Tea Course: Chinese Tea Arts
A three level course to introduce to you the history of tea from China
The brewing technique to bring out the best from the elements
The wealth of taste and aroma
The health benefits

Lecturer: Mr. Micheal Fung

Languages: English / Cantonese / Mandarin

Location: #1270 Empire Centre, 4540 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, Canada, V6X 4E4

Tel: (604) 232-1681

Elementary level: The Fundamentals
1. Introduction to the six major tea species
2. Unfold the four oldest tea manufacturing formula
3. The choice of water quality for tea brewing
4. The use of suitable water temperature
5. Tea brewing demonstration
6. Appreciation session of China's awarding tea
7. The use of suitable appliances
Four one and a half hour sessions for a fee of $80

Intermediate level: The Brewing Techniques
1. Introduction to Puerh Tea, the history of the most popular tea
2. Introduction to Taiwan Tea species and its relations to China's Tea species
3. Introduction to the origin of Chao Shan Ku Fu Tea
4. An overview of Wu Yu Yan Cha
5. The use and preservation of the tea appliances
Four one and a half hour sessions for a fee of $120

Advance level: The Art of Tea
1. The art of infusion
2. The appreciation of Chao Shan Ku Fu Tea
3. The appreciation in brewing green tea
4. The technique in preparing Puerh Tea
5. The seven heaven of Wu Yi Yan Tea
Four one and a half hour sessions for a fee of $150

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