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普洱餅 Puerh Cake
上學去!Tea Class
普洱茶葉 Puerh Tea
紅茶 Black Tea
烏龍 Oolong
鐵觀音 TieGuanYin
單叢 Dang Chung
岩茶 Rock Tea
綠茶 Green Tea
白茶 White Tea
花茶 Scented Tea
茶磚 Tea Brick
沱茶 Tuocha
茶壺 Teapots
茶器 Water Bowl
壺盛 Teapot Stand
杯盛 Cup Tray
杯洗 Cup Washer
玻璃品 Glass ware
瓷器 Porcelain
禮品 Gift Sets
配件 Accessories
書籍 Books
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2020 如意生餅<br> Chan Best Wishes Raw Bangdon Puerh Cake 380g
2020 如意生餅
Chan Best Wishes Raw Bangdon Puerh Cake 380g

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小種功夫紅茶<br> Lap Sung Sui Chung Black Tea (100gram) 小種功夫紅茶
Lap Sung Sui Chung Black Tea (100gram)
2007 秘境班章<br>Secret Ban Zhang [357g] 2007 秘境班章
Secret Ban Zhang [357g]
燕子大瓷器<br> Porcelain Water Bowl C 燕子大瓷器
Porcelain Water Bowl C
醉貴妃<br>Elegant Queen [100gram] 醉貴妃
Elegant Queen [100gram]
2001易武青磚<br>YiWu Tea Brick [250g] 2001易武青磚
YiWu Tea Brick [250g]
紅印圓茶﹣大字<br>Red Mark Round Tea Cake  [1950] 紅印圓茶﹣大字
Red Mark Round Tea Cake [1950]
白牡丹<br> White Peony [100gram] 白牡丹
White Peony [100gram]
精選觀音<br> Selected Iron Budda TGY [100gram] 精選觀音
Selected Iron Budda TGY [100gram]
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1 x 小種功夫紅茶
Lap Sung Sui Chung Black Tea (100gram)
1 x 2007 秘境班章
Secret Ban Zhang [357g]
1 x 燕子大瓷器
Porcelain Water Bowl C
1 x 醉貴妃
Elegant Queen [100gram]
1 x 2001易武青磚
YiWu Tea Brick [250g]
1 x 紅印圓茶﹣大字
Red Mark Round Tea Cake [1950]
1 x 白牡丹
White Peony [100gram]
1 x 精選觀音
Selected Iron Budda TGY [100gram]
Aged Raw Puerh 20+ Years (100gram)
Baby Rose (40gram)
Selected Iron Budda TGY [100gram]
Aged Raw Puerh 20 Years (100gram)
Red Robe *Famous Tea in China* (100gram)
Sweet Lady [100gram]
Autumn Baby Chrysanthemum (100gram)
Espresso Heavy Oolong[100gram]
09.2005 高海拔青磚
High Mountain Tea Brick [250g]
Fresh Rhodiola Puerh Ripe Tea Cake [380g]
11.2006 鳳牌金獎7811
Yunnan Feng Qing Golden Award [357g]
Silver Tip [2004]
Dang Ding Oolong (100gram)
14.2007 鳳牌金獎7811
Feng Qing Golden Award [357g]
White Peony [100gram]
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